It’s Not All Work and No Play for Spring Conference Staff

by stanfordsierra

06 12, 2010 | Posted in Employment | 1 comments

Jenny Banville saw the posting to be all-purpose staff for our spring conference season on a short-term adventure job site.  Jenny submitted an application and was a shoe-in for the job with her customer service and summer camp experience coupled with her friendliness and positive attitude.  She packed up her gear and hiking boots and headed west from Boston, MA to the mountains of California!

Jenny on an early spring hike into Desolation Wilderness

After a few days of orientation, Jenny jumped into work and realized the breadth of duties involved in “all purpose”.  Washing dishes after meals (commonly referred to as a “Hobart” shift) quickly became one of Jenny’s favorites.  On a Hobart shift, the staff working together often collaborate on costumes.  Jenny likes the fun and creativity of working in costume, plus the fast pace and challenge of turning piles of dirty dishes, pots and pans into a clean, organized kitchen with everything in its proper place.

Laine, Halie & Jenny sport their best 80s garb for Hobart

From washing dishes one day to crawdad fishing the next.  Jenny put her seven summers as a camp counselor to use during a few conferences who brought families along for kids’ programming.  Jenny lead the kids for crawdad fishing, crafts, nature walks and even wrapping Jenny in tape.

Crawdad fishing from the floating dockMutiny in the kids' groups!

During free time, Jenny gets out on the hiking trails with friends and uses the paddle boards and kayaks at our boat dock on Fallen Leaf Lake.  Jenny is passionate about photography and some of her favorite spots in the area are the upper falls and Kiva beach.

Jenny discovered this squirrel (probably eating a stolen cookie)

Jenny is considering returning for the fall conference season as about half of each conference season’s staff normally do.  But the real world is calling with an offer from a charter school to head up their marketing and public relations right in her hometown of Salem, MA.  With her passion for work, friendly attitude and ever-present smile, we hope to see Jenny back in the fall!


  1. BroHa says:

    This girl seems great! Perhaps I will apply for the position for the fall! How do I find out more about working as a staff???

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