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Creativity and Innovation on Fallen Leaf Lake

by stanfordsierra

09 21, 2010 | Posted in Meeting | 0 comments

Hewlett Packard brought a group of 140 software developers to our comfortable conference center for a couple days of innovation, creativity and team building.  There were a few organized activities, then the participants were on their own to share their passion with fellow attendees.  One participant gave a painting workshop, then had his students paint together.  They completed a beautiful painting in just over an hour.

Group painting on the ski dock

The group's finished painting

Participants could join as many or as few workshops they wanted.  Post-it art was new to me!

Post-it tulip

I'm not quite sure about the theme of this workshop, but they put together some nice portraits.  I recognize Homer Simpson!

Portraits on the Old Lodge deck

Participants were free to join as many workshops they liked or hike, boat, or just relax in the sun.

Relaxing in front of the lake

Hewlett Packard also planned fun social events including a beach bonfire with s'mores and a drum circle on the first night.  On their second night, volunteers from the group worked together to prepare their culinary specialties and provide dinner for the entire group.

Chopping and prepping dinner on the dining room deck

The event was a huge success and Hewlett Packard plans to return in the spring or fall of 2011 for more creativity and innovation on Fallen Leaf Lake.

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Treats for all in the Fountain

by stanfordsierra

09 08, 2010 | Posted in Dining | 0 comments

The fountain is our store.  We no longer have fountain drinks in the fountain, but the name stuck.  The fountain is really more than a store, it's the espresso bar in the morning, place to shop for sundries and needed items during the day and a pub in the evening serving wine and beer.

The fountain entry

Kristin Janson, fountain manager, has the fountain stocked with a wide selection of T-shirts to commemorate your trip to Fallen Leaf Lake.

Colorful array of T-shirts

In line with our efforts to lessen our impact on the environment, we have a number of environmentally friendly T-shirts made from recycled material.  The shirts are comfortable and cute!

Design on an eco-friendly shirt made of 70% bamboo

If you are attending a meeting or event, we have fresh brewed coffee available all day.  For those who need a stronger dose of caffeine, you can purchase an espresso drink in the fountain.  We use locally roasted Alpen Sierra coffee to make our delicious, frothy pick-me-ups.

Barista Julie preparing a latte

If you need a cold beverage, the fountain has traditional sodas, bottled juices, sparking and bottled water.  During the evening, the fountain serves microbrew, domestic and imported beers plus an excellent selection of wine from Stanford-affiliated vineyards and wineries. The fountain also sells snacks including candy and trail bars plus delicious, freshly popped popcorn.  Once you have your treat,  the fountain deck is a relaxing place to sit for a few minutes and enjoy the spectacular view.

Fallen Leaf Lake view from the fountain deck

Your group coordinator will designate hours of operation for the fountain during your conference or event.  If there is something special you would like to see in the fountain, please let us know!

Julie ready to serve fountain customers

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