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Accepting Applications for the Spring Conference Season

by stanfordsierra

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From now until 9am, March 1, we are accepting applications for our spring conference season which runs from April 18 to June 17.  We hire about 40 applicants for all-purpose staff to work and live on-site for the two month season.   There are also some specialty jobs for spring and three season positions which run from spring through fall.  You can see a list of available jobs on Backdoorjobs. Conference staff director, Brian McClintock, is looking for applicants who have a passion for customer service and helping people, who aren't afraid to work hard, who want to be part of a team and have fun on the job.  During many tasks, staff are interacting with guests while providing meals, lodging, meeting space, and recreation.

Serving dinner

Work days can be long when groups schedule activities from early in the morning until late at night.  Staff might have a break in the middle of the day when they can then hike, take out a boat from our boat dock, relax or do some yoga.

Luna on the boat dock during the fall '10 season

Staff work hard and have fun on the job.   Read a detailed description of our ideal candidate on Coolworks. Mike Nyman worked his first season at Stanford Sierra in the fall of 2008.  He has returned for each conference season since.

Mike Nyman

He says there are a few reasons he continues to return.  First is the location.  Mike has traveled extensively and ranks the shores of Fallen Leaf Lake high on his list of most beautiful places.  Mike finds it easy to get outside and enjoy the amazing natural setting, sailing on the lake, hiking into Desolation Wilderness, playing horseshoes or just reading a book on the dock.  The timing of the spring and fall seasons also works well for Mike and others who want to travel in the winter and summer.  Mike likes to spend his summers in his hometown of Chicago.  Many staff travel with friends made at Stanford Sierra or move into South Lake Tahoe together to work the busy winter or summer.  Each season we have about half returning staff and half new, which I think is a good testament that this is a great place to work!  So if you're a hardworking, friendly, fun-loving, outdoor enthusiast, send us an application!

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