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Welcome Brant – New Assistant Director!

by stanfordsierra

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Congratulations to Brant Bishop, our new assistant director!  Brant worked for us this past summer and fall and proved to be a reliable, thoughtful and mature employee.  Brant graduated from Stanford University last spring with a degree in Sociology. Brant was two months into a planned year of around the world travels when he got word the assistant director position was open.  Within 24 hours of accepting the job, Brant was on a plane back from the heat of the Australian summer to winter in the deep woods of Fallen Leaf Lake. During his two months of traveling, Brant covered about 1,100 miles on the East coast of Australia from Sydney to Cairns by bus.  He was fortunate not to encounter any of these friendly critters on his travels.  Brant's best experience was scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef.  He said "It was a whole different version of reality.  An  underwater 3D world of vibrant colors, plant and animal life."  He was really amazed by the great variety of the coral.

Brant at the Maheno shipwreck on Fraser Island

Brant is happy to be back in the mountains and living at Camp.  Growing up in Missouri, Brant tried to convince his family to move to Colorado because he loved the mountains.  He is looking forward to the upcoming spring conference season and having people at Camp.   Brant said  "The energy and spirit at Camp is amazing, not only the people that work here, but the guests that come visit.  It's an optimal environment with the mountains, lake and all the outdoor activities." Brant's favorite fall activity at Camp was to go on long hikes. Every week he went on a 15 mile plus hike.  He would pick a lake and set it as his destination.  His favorite lake is Lake of the Woods. For groups visiting Camp this spring, Brant recommends soaking up as much of the natural environment as possible.  Taking a Hobie Cat or kayak out on the lake, he says "it's incredible to get out on the water." Also be sure to plan a hike, there are easy hikes into Desolation Wilderness, or if you have an afternoon and are up for a more strenuous hike, according to Brant "The view from Mount Tallac is incredible, and it's a good milestone activity."

Brant and fellow staff on Tallac with Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe in the background

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Thanks Antja – You Will Be Missed!

by stanfordsierra

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For the past 10 years Antja Thompson was an integral part of Stanford Sierra Conference Center as the associate director.  Antja's key responsibilities were with our summer family camp for Stanford alumni.  During her tenure, Antja interviewed over 1,200 Stanford students, hired a new summer staff director each year, and helped the summer program run smoothly.  In addition to summer, Antja was responsible for orienting and training our conference staff.  Over the years, between spring, summer and fall, Antja trained 32 seasons worth of staff.

Antja arriving at her send off party

We will miss Antja's unfailing enthusiasm and high spirits. In addition to excelling at her work,  Antja is a talented musician and during impromptu performances and the summer music hour, she entertained countless guests with her fiddle playing and amazing singing voice.

Antja practicing music with a guest on the Old Lodge deck

Antja was active in the day-to-day operations during all seasons and would jump in to help whenever needed.  She is knowledgeable about the area and regularly led nature walks for interested groups.

Antja leading a nature walk

Antja is staying within the Stanford community and will move to Palo Alto to work on campus with Stanford Athletics in the Outdoor Education Program as the leadership and training coordinator.  (Sounds like the perfect position to organize a student, staff or alumni trip to Fallen Leaf Lake!)  Thank you Antja for your hard work and dedication and good luck in your new role.  We look forward to seeing you on campus and here at Camp.

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