Chef Dave’s Spring Menu and Wine Picks

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With opening day of our spring conference season quickly approaching, I talked with Dave Dennis, executive chef, to find out what’s cooking in the Stanford Sierra Conference Center kitchen for spring 2011.

Nancy: What is your overall philosophy for meals served at Camp?

Dave: Light is the name of game for spring and to limit ingredients to four or five per dish.  We plan to use as much organic produce, wild fish and organic product as possible based on what is available, and keep  as local as possible.

Nancy: Any new ideas you are excited to try?

Dave:We’re taking classic dishes and keeping them classic, then adding a  twist by making the entrees lighter.  We’ll take chicken and dumplings, reduce the amount of butter, cream and heavy ingredients, so it  comes out lower in fat and lighter all the way around . For plated entrees we’re tweaking our presentation and reducing portion size to the recommended 4 to 5 ounce piece of protein versus 8 ounces or more.

A salmon entree for dinner

Nancy:  What dinner entrees are you planning for spring?

Dave:  A few highlights are a grilled fillet of Alaskan salmon with fresh taragon and mustard vinaigrette served with arugula and a micro vegetable salad, or a grilled breast of free range chicken drizzled with lemon herb vinaigrette and served with a wild rice risotto and steamed fresh vegetables and for a vegetarian entree whole wheat pasta tossed with organic braised greens, tomato and fresh herb olive oil.

Nancy:  What wines from our list would complement those entrees?

Dave:  The Cooper Garrod chardonnay would go well with all three , the Robert Mondavi Carneros Pinot Noir with the salmon & shellfish, and the Cinnabar mercury rising is an excellent choice with beef, lamb or pork.

If you want to try Dave’s cuisine for yourself, we have space available for individual reservations in our spring alumni programs, the Alumni Creative Camp April 28 to May 1, The Seventeenth Annual Healthy Living Retreat for Women May 12 to 15 and the Memorial Weekend Program for Adults May 27 to 30.  Visit the spring programs website for more information.

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