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Inc Magazine’s review of the top 10 entrepreneur courses includes Tina Seelig who headlines Stanford Sierra’s April 28 to May 1 Creative Camp.  Tina is fan and regular visitor to Stanford Sierra.  Tina was a key presenter for three of the four Write Retreats, creative writing programs, and was an integral part of the planning for the upcoming Creative Camp.

Tina Seelig (right) with fellow Write Retreat presenter Alyssa O'Brien

The Creative Camp aims to coach, inspire and awaken the authentic creativity of participants.  Tina Seelig kicks off the program Thursday evening with “Levers for Unlocking Creativity”.  Friday’s workshops include a design project presented by Bay area creative and branding guru Dennis Boyle of  IDEO and Peggy Burke.  Instructors from Stanford’s Institute of Design, Forrest Glick and Leticia Britos Cavagnara will teach digital photography and improv respectively.  Two of the Creative Camp workshops cover writing.  Elise Bauer, creator and author of successful cooking blog Simply Recipes will cover blogging, and Professor Terry Castle from Stanford’s English department will lead Life into Art: Finding a Voice in Memoir and Autobiography.

The Creative Camp will include studio time to develop your creativity through charcoal drawing or watercolor painting and free time to explore the creative path of your choice.   There are also opportunities for movement to get those creative juices flowing.  Participants can start the day with yoga then after breakfast, Stanford Dance lecturer Aleta Hayes will lead a dance warm up.  Space is still available for alumni or non alumni to register for the Creative Camp.  For more information and to register visit the website or call Gracie Gurganus at 530-542-5600.

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