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The Cute Critters of Fallen Leaf Lake

by stanfordsierra

05 24, 2011 | Posted in Employment, Location, Uncategorized | 0 comments

We're running a weekly staff photo contest for the spring.  Last week, Brandon Eldred submitted the winning photo plus a few other great shots of Fallen Leaf Lake and some wildlife in the area.  The cute factor helped determine the winning shot.  This little white rabbit let Brandon get pretty close.

Cute, furry resident at the Point cabins

Fallen Leaf Lake out our front door provides incredible scenery and a home to assorted waterfowl.  A mallard couple are regulars here in the spring.  (I don't know if it's the same couple each year. I do know, Make Way for Ducklings was a favorite book of mine and my son Oscar when he was a toddler.)

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard

More unusual, Brandon got this great photo of a pair of mergansers hanging out at the boat dock.  Female mergansers are a common site on Lake Tahoe.  It's very entertaining to see a mom and her gaggle of ducklings with their mohawk-looking hairstyles bobbing along then all disappearing under the water and popping back up yards away.

Mr. & Mrs. Meganser

We're hoping for a large batch of merganser ducklings to show up soon! Squirrels are a common site pretty much year round.  Once weather is warm and we're leaving the sliding glass doors to the lodge open, the squirrels make their way inside.  I've found them in my office, but most often, they go for the dining room.  Guests are surprised to see the squirrels inside, but staff become quite adept at corralling the squirrels back outside.

Western Gray Squirrel

Thanks to Brandon for sharing these excellent photos of some of our local furry friends!

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