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Best Omelet Bar Ever!

by stanfordsierra

09 12, 2011 | Posted in Dining | 0 comments

Twice a week in the summer, our omelet chefs set up on the dining room deck and provide an incredible array of ingredients for your breakfast omelet.  You can choose from 21 vegetables (or fruits), 16 meat/ seafood, nine types of cheese, plus sauces and special toppings including crushed Doritos, gummy bears and sprinkles!

What filling would you choose?

A few of the fresh omelet fillings

If the choice of ingredients is too overwhelming, you can select one of nine omelets in the SSC Pro Sieries

The SSC Pro Series

On the final omelet day of the summer, I went for the Big MacOmelet.  It tasted just like a Big Mac!  (not that I've eaten one recently, but from distant memories.....) If you would like to add omelet bar to your breakfast in the spring or fall conference season, just ask.  I'm sure our trio of chefs would be happy to take a break from their regular day jobs, break out the chalkboard and cook up a few eggs with stuff.  Start choosing your ingredients now!

Our amazing trio of omelet chefs - Brian, Jan and Morgan

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