Ideas to Steal from the TED Conference

by stanfordsierra

03 19, 2012 | Posted in Event planning | 0 comments

BizBash is a very user-friendly and fun website where you can find event planning news, ideas and resources.  Bizbash recently posted an article on the TED Conference which just finished up last week in Long Beach.  The article shared the top ideas to steal from the conference.  I found two of the 13 ideas that I think might be easy to implement for our upcoming Alumni Creative Camp scheduled for April 26-29.

Progressive idea cards

The first is progressive idea cards.   The cards are part of the ‘Progressive Ideas Project’ which strives to bring innovative thinkers together and determine how to bring great ideas to life and make them happen.  Kind of a large undertaking, so this idea might not be so easy to implement, but I like the concept!

The second idea is the “Before I die…..” blackboard designed and hosted by artist and TED fellow Candy Chang.

“Before I die…..”

A few submissions caught my eye:  “Plow over every fear I encounter and be unstoppable!” “Laugh EVERY DAY!” “FLY!”  Post a “Before I die….” board at your next event for your attendees to share their hopes and dreams.

Visit the Bizbash website for ideas to help you plan your next event, and be sure to take a look at the TED article and let me know what ideas you find worth stealing.

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