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Summer 2012 Fly Fishing Update

by flyshop1

07 10, 2012 | Posted in Recreation | 0 comments

For years now, Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters has been teaching and guiding fly fishing for groups and individuals at Stanford Sierra Camp. Experiences range from a fireside chat on the where, when and how to go fishing or a casting workshop to a guided experience on a remote river or stream.

A fly casting workshop on Sierra Camp's Baby beach

The fishing right near Camp can be great and opportunities abound within a short hike or drive with Camp's location in the  central Sierra Nevada mountains. Spring visitors have the opportunity to fish Glen Alpine Creek where the fishing can be excellent for Rainbow trout and now the Lahontan cutthroat trout. As the season progresses and the flows subside, the fishing tends to be better up higher, above the waterfalls, but do not expect to see huge fish up there most are in the 6-8 inch range.

A Lahontan cutthroat trout caught in Glen Alpine Creek this spring

There are years that the flows stay strong allowing fishing through most of the summer but this year, with the low snow pack, the fishing will get tough by the middle of summer.

My son Winston fishing Glen Alpine Creek this June

Recently I attended a meeting with the US Forest and Wildlife Service (USF&WS) about the Lahontan cutthroat recovery project in Fallen Leaf Lake and Glen Alpine Creek where they announced they had filmed the trout spawning in the creek after 10 years of stocking the lake! Hopefully this will lead to a self-sustaining population in the near future. We were all exited to hear this news! Historically the trout grew to enourmous size and some of the biggest fish that swam Fallen Leaf were up to 20 pounds and even bigger in Lake Tahoe. Hopefully we will have the chance to fish for these behemoths in our lifetime our at least future generations should be able to. So, next time you're coming to Camp or are setting up a group during the spring or fall thing about going fly fishing or taking one of our introduction classes. Fly fishing fits perfectly with all of the other activities that the Fallen Leaf area has to offer!

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