Five Reasons to Attend Stanford in the Wild

by SierraMerril

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What happens when you bring together experts in an assortment of different disciplines to give TEDx style lectures at a picturesque setting on Fallen Leaf Lake?

The beauty of Fallen Leaf made Dave want to stay

Fallen Leaf Lake from Sierra Camp’s ski dock

You get Stanford in the Wild , the newest alumni program at Stanford Sierra Camp. The inaugural three day event, to be held April 16-19, 2015, promises to be truly unique. Below are our top five reasons why you should plan on attending:

5. Presenters at the forefront of their field:  It’s not every day you can hear from authorities on such a variety of subjects. Host Tina Seelig, Phd, ’85, is a national leader in engineering education, teaching creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, who has put together a host of stimulating speakers.

DSC_6077 - Version 2Presenters include J. Christian Gerdes, an associate professor of mechanical engineering whose laboratory studies how cars move, how humans drive cars an how to design future cars that work cooperatively with the driver or even drive themselves! At the other end of the spectrum, Kai Kight, ’14, is a violinist and composer who challenges the perceived boundaries of the violin by creating music that connects the classical world with popular genres.

4. Networking:  Not many TEDx events allow you to meet the presenters on quite the same level as Stanford in the Wild. Here you can connect with presenters and fellow attendees in an informal atmosphere.

VSW_5633 Chat over a delicious dinner prepared by Chef Dave, explore the hiking trails around Stanford Camp, or enjoy a port (and probably an informal jam session) by the fire in the evening.

3. Play time:  While the mornings feature speaker presentations, afternoons are unscheduled, leaving you free to play however you wish. Whether it’s something active, like hiking or kayaking, or a more relaxed approach, like enjoying the view of Fallen Leaf Lake from one of the many decks surrounding the main lodge, there are plenty of choices!

An afternoon paddle on Fallen Leaf Lake

An afternoon paddle on Fallen Leaf Lake

2. Escape from daily routine:  Start your day with a yoga class overlooking Fallen Leaf Lake or sleep in! The relaxed and inspirational setting, the many different and interesting talks, and the unscheduled afternoon options are all fodder for creativity – and getting outside your daily routine.

1. The location:  Stanford Sierra Camp’s setting on the shore of beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake is truly special. The memorable and relaxing location includes comfortable lodging, healthy and delicious meals, plentiful outdoor activities, and amazing sunsets.

Sunset over Fallen Leaf Lake

Sunset over Fallen Leaf Lake

Interested in attending? Download the reservation form or learn more.

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