Why Hold A Business Retreat?

by Morgan

12 15, 2016 | Posted in Meeting | 0 comments

stanfordcamp01Holding a business retreat can be invaluable for your business, whether you’re a small operation or a large company with a strong corporate culture. Through our extensive experience helping others host successful retreats Stanford Sierra has been able to observe why a business retreat is an invaluable tool in any manager’s kit.

Firstly, a business retreat allows team members to break away from their regular routine and offers an opportunity to reflect on operations and strategy from a different perspective. Approaching strategic business problems from new angles in a focused environment is a crucial element of a retreat that is hard to capture in the office.
Business retreats also allow employees to develop a stronger sense of community. Having the opportunity to be in a new environment and out of one’s comfort zone with fellow employees creates an immediate bond. Having retreat time free to spend with each other at meals, socializing, and engaging in outdoor recreation allows employees the opportunity to connect over hobbies and interests they might share outside of work. Having a more well-knit and collaborative team is invaluable for a business of any size.

Finally, business retreats can serve as fantastic places for continuing education. The focused and intimate setting help people feel comfortable asking questions and working collaboratively to learn together, further helping a team become more tight-knit and productive back in the office.

The facilities at Stanford Sierra offer housing for 30-180 people, 5 separate meetings rooms of varying size and prearranged dining options, taking all the work out of planning. In addition, the expansive natural setting and intimate lodge-like feel allow for collaboration, team-building and focused group activities, successfully facilitating strategic reflection, a closer-knit and more well-educated team. We see these as crucial elements to the success of any business. We’d love to welcome your business to Stanford Sierra and Fallen Leaf Lake!


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