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Four Unique Reasons to Stay at Stanford Sierra Conference Center

by SierraMerril

07 14, 2015 | Posted in Lodging | 0 comments

Lodging at Stanford Sierra is not like your typical conference hotel. Instead of a conventional vanilla hotel room, you can enjoy comfortable accommodations with charming décor in a spectacular mountain setting. Need more convincing? Check out our top four reasons to stay with us.

One of two bedrooms with a queen bed

One of two bedrooms with a queen bed

1.Cabins While Stanford Sierra does offer hotel room style accommodations in the Main Lodge, when was the last time you stayed in a cabin while at a conference? Embrace your inner camper and enjoy standalone lodging with timbered ceilings and alpine décor, along with all the amenities you’d expect. There are 52 cabins scattered in clusters around the property, each with multiple bedrooms, an outdoor deck, and views of Fallen Leaf Lake and the surrounding mountains. GuestLaptopFtnDeck 2. Balconies and Outdoor Decks Love the fresh air? Not only can you open the windows in all the rooms and cabins at Stanford Sierra (unlike some hotels), but all rooms and cabins boast either a private balcony or outdoor deck. Whether you need to unwind after the day’s sessions, or catch up on work, the al fresco setting is both relaxing and inspiring.
Stanford Sierra Camp and Conference Center sits at the base of Cathedral Peak on Fallen Leaf Lake.

Camp sits at the base of Cathedral Peak on Fallen Leaf Lake.

3. Views At Stanford Sierra you won’t see highways or urban streetscapes when you look out of your window. Instead you’ll gaze upon the cerulean blue of Fallen Leaf Lake and the craggy mountains of nearby Desolation Wilderness. If you time your visit just right, you may be privy to the explosion of fall colors that permeates our location in the autumn.
A beautiful sunset over Fallen Leaf Lake

A beautiful sunset over Fallen Leaf Lake

4. Amenities While we offer many of the hotel amenities you would expect, like free wireless internet, complimentary coffee and tea, and shampoo and other toiletries in the room, you’ll find plenty of unique amenities. Think peace and quiet, fresh air, spectacular views, beautiful sunsets, easy access to outdoor recreation, a lack of crowds and traffic, and a way to truly escape daily life.

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Feedback Needed!

by SierraMerril

10 16, 2014 | Posted in Dining, Lodging, Meeting, Special Events, Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of the best ways for a company to improve and grow is through feedback from its customers. Feedback with praise lets a company know what they’re doing right, while negative or constructive feedback tells a company about problems or issues (ongoing or new) that can be improved.

Groups may choose to have an outdoor barbecue lunch or dinner. A majority of the main courses and sides are gluten-free.

Groups may choose to have an outdoor barbecue lunch or dinner. A majority of the main courses and sides are gluten-free.

At Stanford Sierra Conference Center (SSCC), we give all of our guests an opportunity to supply us with feedback about their stay. After a group departs, we provide them with one of two ways to let us know how we’re doing. A handful of our program attendees receive paper surveys at check-out while we email electronic surveys to attendees of most events. Almost all of our departments benefit from these surveys, especially our kitchen, maintenance and housekeeping. Having a guest mention a squeaky door, a tree branch scratching a roof, a burned-out light bulb or a running toilet is a great way for us to gain knowledge when it comes to general maintenance and upkeep. While we do our best to keep an eye on everything around Camp, without actually sleeping in a cabin, it’s hard to know what small details can make someone’s stay better.
Wireless internet is available throughout Camp. In the past two years, it has gotten faster and is available in more areas of Camp.

Wireless internet is available throughout Camp. In the past two years, it has gotten faster and is available in more areas of Camp.

Over the past few years, we saw two things continue to appear on our surveys as items for improvement. The need for stronger and more consistent wireless internet was the most mentioned, while providing more gluten-free food options was the second. SSCC has made big strides in both of these areas. In the past two years, SSCC has added four more T1 lines, bringing the total to eight. T1 lines increase bandwidth, making internet faster. In addition to faster internet, cabins on the east side of Camp have had Ethernet cables hardwired to them, which increases signal strength and helps to eliminate dead zones in cabins. More improvements will continue next year with the last set of cabins becoming hardwired. In the dining room, gluten-free bread is now readily available at breakfast and our hiker bar. In addition to increased bread options, most entrees on the buffet hot carts are gluten-free. Our chefs have made purposeful changes to many of their classic dishes to limit the number of items containing gluten on the hot cart. Our staff will be happy to point out items that do and don't contain gluten. Surveys are also a great way to boost staff morale! SSCC prides itself in having professional, helpful and friendly staff members. Weekly staff meetings include shout-outs for specific staff members from surveys as well as overall staff compliments. Praise for a job well done is always motivation to continue providing the highest level of service.
A group of staff take a break from swimming on one of Camp's floating docks off of Baby Beach.

A group of staff take a break from swimming on one of Camp's floating docks off of Baby Beach.

Looking back at the last season of survey responses, I see quite a few that are helpful. Our website could include better information for individuals who need ADA accommodations, and tips for combating altitude sickness would also be helpful.The expression “It never hurts to ask,” is what comes to mind when I read some of our survey responses. And it’s true-- it never hurts to ask, but there are some things we just can’t control. Suggestions like “heat the lake, ” “more chocolate!” and “less wind” always make me smile. So whether it’s negative feedback, positive feedback, or a rather large request, let us know! We can't make any promises, but we'll try. Our surveys help us to improve our facilities, our service and our overall programming.  

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Camp Essentials

by SierraMerril

07 10, 2014 | Posted in Location, Lodging, Preparing for your visit, Recreation, Uncategorized | 0 comments

When people are planning their trip to Stanford Sierra Camp and Conference Center they frequently ask, “What do I absolutely need to have at Camp?” There are quite a few things you need at Camp, but I’ve narrowed my list down to ten essential items. Here they are to get you started!

  1.  A good book. There are plenty of places to find a quiet space to enjoy your book at Camp. Baby Beach, the boat dock, your cabin’s deck, the Old Lodge or in the Stanford Room are only a few of the wonderful places that you can get some serious reading done. When I’m looking for a good read, I usually consult the New York Times’ Top 20 Best Sellers List. Right now I’m reading “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini, and I’d love to go sit on the boat dock and make a dent in it right now!
  2. A reusable water bottle or Camelbak. Fallen Leaf Lake sits 6,377 feet above sea level. It’s easy to get dehydrated at this elevation and even more so, if you are outside in the sunshine all day. Staying hydrated during your stay is important so you can feel your best and enjoy all that Camp has to offer without getting fatigued or ill. Check out last week’s blog post for tips on staying healthy during your trip to high altitude. You can fill your water bottle  in your room or in the dining room. If you don’t have your own or forget to bring one, Camp’s store, the Fountain, has a variety of water bottles for you to choose from.
    Stanford Sierra Camp's fleet of boats on Fallen Leaf Lake include fun-yaks, sail boats, row boats, canoes and stand up paddle boards.

    Make sure you're wearing sunscreen if you plan on being out on the water.

  3. Sun protection. Aren’t sunburns the worst? Sunblock, hats, and Chapstick will help you from soaking up too much sunshine at Fallen Leaf Lake. Whether it’s a SSC hat from the fountain, or just a regular old ball cap, make sure you have one if you’re headed into Desolation Wilderness for a hike or out on the water. We sell a few different types of sunblock in the Fountain, including Badger Balm and Surface Sun Systems.
  4. A warm jacket. Although weather from May-October in the Tahoe area is usually very pleasant during the day, it can still be chilly at night. A simple fleece jacket or warm sweatshirt will most likely get the job done. Weather can also take a turn for the worse at anytime in the mountains. A rain jacket is always a good idea. Even if you don’t end up needing it, it’s never a bad idea to have one just in case!
    A bonfire at the beach can get chilly, even in the summer! Make sure you have a jacket for the walk back to your cabin.

    A bonfire at the beach can get chilly, even in the summer! Make sure you have a jacket for the walk back to your cabin.

  5. Sturdy footwear. While Camp’s paths and walkways are walkable in almost any footwear (except maybe for high heels!), taking a hike anywhere outside of Camp requires sturdy footwear. Trails outside of Camp, especially in Desolation Wilderness have rocky terrain that can easily lead to a sprained ankle if you’re not wearing proper shoes.
  6. A backpack or beach bag. Packing a bag in the morning when you leave your cabin ensures that you have the basics with you all day. Pack your bag with a water bottle, sunblock, jacket, book, room key, and anything you might need for meetings. Camp isn’t big enough that it’s too much of a hassle to return to your room during the day, but it’s always nice to have some of these essential items with you.
  7. A reusable mug. Bringing your own coffee cup or traveler’s mug is a great way  to reduce paper waste. Our Fountain staff would be happy to make your coffee drink in your own mug. This is also a great way for you to take coffee to go!
  8. A camera or phone that takes good pictures. After a few days at Camp, you’ll wish you could stay longer. Being able to take a picture of the lake at its calmest in the morning, or the sun setting behind the peaks in Desolation Wilderness is a great way for you to remember Camp. Make sure you carry your camera with you—you never know when you might want to snap a quick picture!
    Sunsets in the Sierra Nevada are breathtaking!

    Don't forget your camera!  Pictures are a great way to remember Fallen Leaf Lake until you can make it back again.

  9. Cash. The closest ATM is in South Lake Tahoe. During the conference season, wine, beer and sodas are cash only during meal times. During the summer, and for a few confereneces, we have an outside masseuse come out to Camp. Massages are also cash or check only. Don’t get caught without any! Cash is also the best way for you to leave a tip for staff at the end of you stay
  10. A sense of adventure! Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time at Fallen Leaf Lake, there’s always something new to try. This summer, Camp purchased new paddle boards to add to its fleet, and in the past two years, Camp’s geocache course has grown. Our  22 acre property (along with 100 square miles of protected wilderness in our backyard) is a great place to explore and try something new. Make sure you leave Camp without regrets. No one wants to feel like they missed out on getting on the water or hiking at Camp. Nervous about trying something new? Ask a staff member. Chances are they’ve probably done it before and they have some tips for you.
    At Stanford Sierra Conference Center you can take out a sailboat.

    Sailboats on Fallen Leaf

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Recommended Lake Tahoe Lodging for Pre and Post Conference Stays

by stanfordsierra

01 09, 2014 | Posted in Lake Tahoe area, Lodging | 0 comments

If you are arriving in the area before your Lake Tahoe conference at Stanford Sierra Conference Center, or extending your stay after, we often have other events going on and don't have available lodging. Following are our recommendations for the best places to stay in the Tahoe area before or after your Lake Tahoe conference. Most of our recommendations are located close to the Heavenly Village which has a number of good shopping and dining options, plus a movie theater. The Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel formerly Embassy Suites is located on the border between California and Nevada. The all-suite hotel has a comfortable atmosphere and is right next door to the casinos in Nevada if you would like to do some gambling. At the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel your stay includes full breakfast and happy hour plus the hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub. Particularly appealing if your family is traveling with you! If you are flying into the Reno/Tahoe airport and won't be renting a car, the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is conveniently located on the South Tahoe Express shuttle route. You can view the airport shuttle schedule online. The Forest Suites Resort at Heavenly Village is another family-friendly option with an Xbox game center and kids' activities on the weekends. Midweek stays at Forest Suites include full breakfast and nightly wine and cheese social hours. If you would like to experience a casino, stay in Nevada at either Harveys, Harrah's or Mont Bleu Resort Casino & Spa. All three are located on the South Tahoe Express shuttle route from the Reno Tahoe Airport and all three offer a variety of dining options with fine dining at Friday's Station at Harrahs and 19 Kitchen and Bar at Harveys. Mont Bleu has an excellent spa and indoor pool. If you are looking for a quieter experience we recommend the Black Bear Inn Bed & Breakfast or Lakeland Village located on the shore of Lake Tahoe. The Black Bear Inn has beautiful, mountain-themed rooms and cabins plus a delicious full breakfast each morning. Lakeland Village is in the center of South Lake Tahoe and is within walking or short driving distance to a number of restaurants. Stanford Sierra Conference Center is open for group events in the spring and fall. If you are visiting in summer or winter, our recommendations are great places to stay to access the excellent array of mountain recreation that Tahoe has to offer. Of course, you don't have to take our recommendations! View the full list of South Lake Tahoe lodging options online.

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Juniper A is the Party Cabin!

by stanfordsierra

08 07, 2013 | Posted in Event planning, Lodging | 0 comments

If groups are planning after-hours socializing, we suggest Juniper A for the designated party cabin. Juniper A is our largest cabin with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living room.

The Juniper A living room

The Juniper A living room

If you maximize all beds, 11 can sleep comfortably in the cabin. Two of the Juniper A bedrooms each have a queen bed, two bedrooms have two twin beds and there are three twin beds in the living room.
One of two bedrooms with a queen bed

One of two bedrooms with a queen bed

One of two bedrooms with two twin beds

One of two bedrooms with two twin beds

Juniper A is one of the furthest cabins from the main lodge, but meandering at a comfortable pace, it's about a two-minute walk (I've timed it!). The cabin is up the hill, so has a nice view of Fallen Leaf Lake over the trees.
Juniper cabins with Fallen Leaf Lake in the background

Juniper cabins with Fallen Leaf Lake in the background

Our onsite store, the Fountain, sells an excellent assortment of domestic and imported beers, wines from Stanford-affiliated wineries and sodas that we can stock in your party cabin.
J. Rowe and Gracie, our dynamic Fountain duo are read to stock your party cabin!

J. Rowe and Gracie, our dynamic Fountain duo are ready to stock your party cabin!

Juniper A is in a building (cluster) along with Juniper B, C and D. The other three Juniper cabins each have two bedrooms and a living room, so each cabin can sleep five comfortably.
The Juniper C living room/ third bedroom

The Juniper C living room/ third bedroom

The Juniper building can hold 26 of your high-energy guests! Adjacent cabins are in the Hills and Lakes groupings. If you have 100 or more in your group,  you can house your party guests on the entrance side of the lodge, then guests who prefer an earlier bedtime can stay in the Point cabins on the far side of the lodge. Take a look at our property layout for locations of all cabins. And check our availability calendar to schedule your next event at our comfortable center on beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake!

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Packing Suggestions for your Next Coroporate Retreat

by stanfordsierra

04 16, 2013 | Posted in Event planning, Lodging | 0 comments

Our first groups of the spring conference season arrive Friday, so we are sharing our packing tips to help you prepare to attend a Lake Tahoe retreat this spring. Before packing for any trip, check the weather in the destination city. I like the National Weather service forecast. This weekend we'll have daytime temps in the low 60s and nighttime lows in the 30s - A pretty big range which is typical in the mountains. Wearing layers is a convenient way to stay comfortable as temperatures rise through the day then drop again in the evening. For the dress code, you probably have a good idea of your company/ organization's dress code, and you can check the event agenda for specifics. Most groups that meet here at Stanford Sierra Conference Center dress casual for their meals and meeting, I think I've seen attendees from just about every group wearing jeans. Yeah for casual meetings!

Groups meeting here choose a casual dress code

If you can access your event's agenda in advance, check for free time. We encourage all groups to schedule free time to get outside in our beautiful setting on Fallen Leaf Lake. The best activities here are boating and hiking.

Plan to get out on the water during your visit

Our boat dock is open when there aren't scheduled meetings. Both groups visiting this weekend have free time on Saturday afternoon. Just head down to the boat dock and a friendly staff member will get you a life jacket then set you up in the watercraft of your choice. We have kayaks, peddle boats, stand up paddle boards and sailboats. There can be a cool breeze on the water, so a light, water-resistant out layer would work well for this weekend's weather.

There are excellent hiking options from Stanford Sierra

Plan to get out for at least a short walk during your visit. The Lower Falls are just a few minutes from Stanford Sierra on paved roads.

The Lower Falls

If you would like a longer hike, you might want to bring waterproof footwear. Some higher trails, including around Lily Lake on your way to the Upper Falls, have standing water from melting snow. The mid Tallac Trail and could be a good option for this weekend. Check in at the office for a hiking map and directions. To complete your packing bring any prescription medicine and toiletries you'll need during your stay. We stock our lodge rooms and cabins with soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Our onsite store, the Fountain, sells a variety of items in case you forget something. For a full packing list, take a look at the packing guide on our website. Enjoy your trip!

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The Benefits of an All-Inclusive Conference Center

by stanfordsierra

03 20, 2013 | Posted in Dining, Event planning, Lodging, Meeting | 1 comments

There are many benefits to selecting a conference center such as Stanford Sierra which provides all of your meeting and event needs. An all-inclusive conference package plan is budget friendly in that you know all or most costs up front. Our packages include lodging, meals, coffee breaks, meeting rooms, A/V equipment, internet access, recreation, airport transfers, taxes and service fees. Above the package, you can add recreation options, maybe a yoga class or a cruise on our 22-passenger pontoon boat for your attendees during their free time. You can also schedule social hours with hors-d'oeuvres and beverages and add beer, wine and sodas to your dinner. Once you know your agenda and attendance, then we can finalize the social hour food and beverage menu, and either provide an estimate of the costs or you can give us an amount not to exceed.

Add a lakefront social hour to your meeting

Another benefit of an all-inclusive conference center is with everything provided onsite, guests stay here for their downtime and are thoroughly engaged attendees. We regularly hear from our groups that the networking and idea-sharing that goes on among participants when they are not in organized meetings is a valuable benefit of meeting here on Fallen Leaf Lake.

Relaxing lakefront during a meeting break

Most of our employees live onsite and are all-purpose staff, so they are accustomed to working all aspects of service. Since Stanford Sierra is their home, staff members take ownership and go out of their way to make sure everyone has a good overall experience. Our staff tend to be an energetic and happy group!

Setting up for a coffee break isn't all work!

The majority of time we serve just one group at a time, so activities and meal options can be customized for your event. Our staff members can lead guided hikes or we can create team scavenger hunt challenges. We can customize your food and beverage events including lakefront barbecue lunches or dinners.

A team cooking challenge is an option

Check availability on our website if you think our all-inclusive center will work well for your next event. We're open spring and fall for groups of 30 - 180.

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Comfortable Cabins for Your Next Lake Tahoe Retreat

by stanfordsierra

03 04, 2013 | Posted in Lodging | 0 comments

The cabins at Stanford Sierra aren't your typical log cabin in the woods. Most of our cabins were built in the 1970s and look more like condominiums. We call each building a "cluster" of cabins.

Part of the Willow cluster of cabins with Fallen Leaf Lake in the background

Each building holds either four or six cabins giving us 52 cabins total spread throughout the property. In addition to the cabins, there are 12 single rooms in the main lodge.

The main lodge

The Point cabins wrap around the point which is just beyond the boat dock. Jeffrey Pine and Sugar Pine cabins are right in front of the boat dock and Willow and White Fir cabins are the closest to the lake with a great view of the length of the lake without other Camp buildings or homes in your view.

Jeffrey Pine and Sugar Pine cabins front the boat dock

There are a few different floor plans in the cabins. Our summer family camp for Stanford alumni is our signature program, so the cabins were designed to accommodate a family. Each cabin has one bedroom with a queen bed, a second bedroom with two twin beds and about half of the cabins have a living room/ third bedroom also with two twins. At the Point, there are four different floor plans. For groups looking to maximize attendees in private bedrooms, the three-bedroom cabins in Willow and White Fir provide three private rooms with closing doors and one bathroom per cabin.    

A cabin in the hills area with view of Fallen Leaf Lake

The Lakes cabins are located on your left as you drive into Stanford Sierra with the Hills cabins just up behind them. From all of the Lakes and Hills cabins you have a great view of Fallen Leaf Lake. There are just two different floor plans in the Lakes and Hills cabins. The A and C cabins are three bedrooms with the third bedroom being semi-private. The B and D cabins are two bedrooms each with a closing door on either side of the bathroom.

A cabin bedroom with two twin beds

Depending on the lodging needs of your group and whether they require single or shared accommodations determines the sleeping capacity of Stanford Sierra. If all meeting attendees need private bedrooms with private baths, there are 64 separate lodging units. If private bedroom and shared bathrooms work for attendees staying in the cabins, then our lodging accommodates 120 total. If sharing bedrooms and bathrooms works for some of your attendees, then our maximum capacity is 180. For a full overview of the lodging at Stanford Sierra, watch our video. Stanford Sierra Conference Center Lodging Overview Stanford Sierra is available spring and fall for groups of 25 to 180 looking for an all-inclusive package with lodging, meals, meeting space and recreation. Check availability or request a proposal.

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New Photos of Meeting Rooms and Cabins

by stanfordsierra

06 29, 2011 | Posted in Lodging, Meeting | 0 comments

A couple weeks ago Vance Fox shot some new photos of the Stanford room, cabins and the Angora room.  Vance took some great photos for us a few years ago, so I figured he was the best guy for the job again this time!

The Stanford room

The Stanford room is our lobby area and is a cozy spot to relax and read in the morning with a cup of coffee or in between meetings.  Coffee, tea, decaf and whole fruit are available in the Stanford room from 6am - 10pm daily.

Incense Cedar D

Incense Cedar D is a two-bedroom cabin in the Hills area.  All the two bedroom cabins in the Hills and Lakes have the same layout and decor.  This bedroom has one queen bed.

Incense Cedar D second bedroom

The second bedroom in all of the Lakes and Hills cabins has two twin beds.  All cabins have decks overlooking Fallen Leaf Lake.

The Angora Room

The Angora room is located on the first floor of the main lodge and is just under 2,000 square feet.  Windows along one wall provide natural light and filtered views of the lake.  There is a ceiling mounted projector and large screen in the front of the room for presentations.

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Planning Tips for a Memorable and Enjoyable Wedding Weekend

by stanfordsierra

04 27, 2010 | Posted in Event planning, Lodging | 0 comments

On a spring or fall weekend, you can reserve Stanford Sierra Conference Center exclusively to celebrate your wedding.  Beginning with check in Friday afternoon and ending with brunch on Sunday morning, it is just you and up to 180 of your family members and closest friends staying together on Fallen Leaf Lake.

A fall wedding in front of the lodge

Hosting a number of wedding weekends over the years, we've learned what works well.  First, plan a site visit to walk through the lodge and cabins with us to plan the weekend events and envision set up.  During the planning process, make decisions, stick with them, then move on to the next issue.  For needed rental items, contact Eventmasters.  We can provide a list of suggested items that past weddings have used. Use the bulletin board in the Stanford room to post pictures, your weekend schedule of events and any other information you want to share with your family and friends. Encourage your guests to arrive Friday afternoon at 3pm to take full advantage of our boat dock, hiking trails and many comfortable places to just relax lakefront.

Kayaking the shore of Fallen Leaf Lake

Plan a buffet-style dinner a little later on Friday evening to allow for stragglers to join the group.  After dinner schedule a bonfire on Baby Beach and hire a musician for a sing-a-long.

Bonfire at Baby Beach

You have access to all 52 of our cabins and 12 lodge rooms to accommodate your guests.  We suggest housing families at the point cabins with less stairs for little one and surrounding our 'Munchkin Patch' playground.

Basketball, volleyball and the playground are surrounded by the point cabins

Assign your late night guests to the hill cabins including Juniper.  We've dubbed Juniper A, "the party cabin" due to it's larger living room, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Hold your ceremony Saturday afternoon in front of the Old Lodge.  There are not many backdrops more beautiful than Fallen Leaf Lake and Angora Ridge.

A wedding arch on Fallen Leaf Lake

Finally, complete your planning prior to arrival, then hand off the responsibility of the weekend's events to us and enjoy the weekend with your family and friends.

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