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Learn from Top Entrepreneur Instructor Tina Seelig

by stanfordsierra

04 08, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Inc Magazine's review of the top 10 entrepreneur courses includes Tina Seelig who headlines Stanford Sierra's April 28 to May 1 Creative Camp.  Tina is fan and regular visitor to Stanford Sierra.  Tina was a key presenter for three of the four Write Retreats, creative writing programs, and was an integral part of the planning for the upcoming Creative Camp.

Tina Seelig (right) with fellow Write Retreat presenter Alyssa O'Brien

The Creative Camp aims to coach, inspire and awaken the authentic creativity of participants.  Tina Seelig kicks off the program Thursday evening with "Levers for Unlocking Creativity".  Friday's workshops include a design project presented by Bay area creative and branding guru Dennis Boyle of  IDEO and Peggy Burke.  Instructors from Stanford's Institute of Design, Forrest Glick and Leticia Britos Cavagnara will teach digital photography and improv respectively.  Two of the Creative Camp workshops cover writing.  Elise Bauer, creator and author of successful cooking blog Simply Recipes will cover blogging, and Professor Terry Castle from Stanford's English department will lead Life into Art: Finding a Voice in Memoir and Autobiography. The Creative Camp will include studio time to develop your creativity through charcoal drawing or watercolor painting and free time to explore the creative path of your choice.   There are also opportunities for movement to get those creative juices flowing.  Participants can start the day with yoga then after breakfast, Stanford Dance lecturer Aleta Hayes will lead a dance warm up.  Space is still available for alumni or non alumni to register for the Creative Camp.  For more information and to register visit the website or call Gracie Gurganus at 530-542-5600.

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Welcome Brant – New Assistant Director!

by stanfordsierra

03 29, 2011 | Posted in Event planning, Location, Recreation, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Congratulations to Brant Bishop, our new assistant director!  Brant worked for us this past summer and fall and proved to be a reliable, thoughtful and mature employee.  Brant graduated from Stanford University last spring with a degree in Sociology. Brant was two months into a planned year of around the world travels when he got word the assistant director position was open.  Within 24 hours of accepting the job, Brant was on a plane back from the heat of the Australian summer to winter in the deep woods of Fallen Leaf Lake. During his two months of traveling, Brant covered about 1,100 miles on the East coast of Australia from Sydney to Cairns by bus.  He was fortunate not to encounter any of these friendly critters on his travels.  Brant's best experience was scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef.  He said "It was a whole different version of reality.  An  underwater 3D world of vibrant colors, plant and animal life."  He was really amazed by the great variety of the coral.

Brant at the Maheno shipwreck on Fraser Island

Brant is happy to be back in the mountains and living at Camp.  Growing up in Missouri, Brant tried to convince his family to move to Colorado because he loved the mountains.  He is looking forward to the upcoming spring conference season and having people at Camp.   Brant said  "The energy and spirit at Camp is amazing, not only the people that work here, but the guests that come visit.  It's an optimal environment with the mountains, lake and all the outdoor activities." Brant's favorite fall activity at Camp was to go on long hikes. Every week he went on a 15 mile plus hike.  He would pick a lake and set it as his destination.  His favorite lake is Lake of the Woods. For groups visiting Camp this spring, Brant recommends soaking up as much of the natural environment as possible.  Taking a Hobie Cat or kayak out on the lake, he says "it's incredible to get out on the water." Also be sure to plan a hike, there are easy hikes into Desolation Wilderness, or if you have an afternoon and are up for a more strenuous hike, according to Brant "The view from Mount Tallac is incredible, and it's a good milestone activity."

Brant and fellow staff on Tallac with Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe in the background

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Thanks Antja – You Will Be Missed!

by stanfordsierra

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For the past 10 years Antja Thompson was an integral part of Stanford Sierra Conference Center as the associate director.  Antja's key responsibilities were with our summer family camp for Stanford alumni.  During her tenure, Antja interviewed over 1,200 Stanford students, hired a new summer staff director each year, and helped the summer program run smoothly.  In addition to summer, Antja was responsible for orienting and training our conference staff.  Over the years, between spring, summer and fall, Antja trained 32 seasons worth of staff.

Antja arriving at her send off party

We will miss Antja's unfailing enthusiasm and high spirits. In addition to excelling at her work,  Antja is a talented musician and during impromptu performances and the summer music hour, she entertained countless guests with her fiddle playing and amazing singing voice.

Antja practicing music with a guest on the Old Lodge deck

Antja was active in the day-to-day operations during all seasons and would jump in to help whenever needed.  She is knowledgeable about the area and regularly led nature walks for interested groups.

Antja leading a nature walk

Antja is staying within the Stanford community and will move to Palo Alto to work on campus with Stanford Athletics in the Outdoor Education Program as the leadership and training coordinator.  (Sounds like the perfect position to organize a student, staff or alumni trip to Fallen Leaf Lake!)  Thank you Antja for your hard work and dedication and good luck in your new role.  We look forward to seeing you on campus and here at Camp.

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Snow, Snow and More New Snow in Lake Tahoe!

by stanfordsierra

02 18, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Lake Tahoe skiers and snowboarders  (and farmers in the Central Valley), are rejoicing with the abundant snow!  The ski resorts are reporting 33-64" of new snow this week with more on the way.  Snowstorms for the 2010/11 winter are following an "all or nothing" pattern.  November and December snowfall totaled 142" according to the Squaw Valley snowfall tracker.  Then next to nothing until February 16.

Dave Bunnett's buried Jeep

This latest batch of snow is just in time to freshen up the slopes for Presidents weekend visitors.  Snow removal crews are working to clear the roads, so be sure to check conditions with Caltrans before your drive.  Our fleet of Stanford Sierra vans won't be going anywhere soon!

the fleet of Camp vans

If you are planning a winter visit to Lake Tahoe, the 14 rooms at the Stanford Alpine Chalet are booking up quickly.  The Chalet is reporting available rooms for the following time frames:  February 27 to March 4, March 9-11, 13-18, 20-25 and most of April.  If you're interested in dates not listed, call Geoff or Dusty at 530-583-1550, there are often cancellations.  Be safe out there and enjoy the snow!

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Sunshine, Snow and Winter Fun at a Great Price!

by stanfordsierra

02 07, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Early winter storms brought plentiful snow to the Lake Tahoe ski slopes.  Now we're experiencing above average daytime temperatures with clear blue skies and sunshine.  This combination makes it an excellent time to schedule a midweek visit to the Stanford Alpine Chalet.

The Stanford Alpine Chalet

Locals know the best time to ski or snowboard is midweek when there are less people on the slopes and in the lift lines.  The Chalet is conveniently located at the base of Alpine Meadows ski resort and provides just what you need for a fun mountain getaway with friends or family.  Chef Ron prepares a hearty cooked-to-order breakfast each morning, Chalet staff drive you the short distance to and from Alpine Meadows, then relax apres ski with a glass of wine and hors-d'oeuvres in the Chalet's great room with its stunning view of the slopes at Alpine and soak tired muscles in the outdoor hot tub.

The Chalet hot tub

You can have dinner at the Chalet and spend the evening in front of the fire, or if you get your second wind, head into nearby Tahoe City. Jake's is a popular local spot where you can dine lakefront.  I recommend the udon noodle bowl, it's authentic, delicious and brings back memories of my two years in Japan.  Another good lakefront restaurant is Christy Hill. The midweek ski special is $230 for two and includes lodging, full breakfast, apres ski social hour, shuttle and a full-day lift ticket to Alpine Meadows for each person.  Call Geoff or Dusty at 530-583-1550 to book your visit.  The Chalet has just 14 rooms, and is sold out for most remaining winter weekends, but has available rooms midweek. Don't forget your sunscreen!

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Accepting Applications for the Spring Conference Season

by stanfordsierra

01 14, 2011 | Posted in Employment, Uncategorized | 0 comments

From now until 9am, March 1, we are accepting applications for our spring conference season which runs from April 18 to June 17.  We hire about 40 applicants for all-purpose staff to work and live on-site for the two month season.   There are also some specialty jobs for spring and three season positions which run from spring through fall.  You can see a list of available jobs on Backdoorjobs. Conference staff director, Brian McClintock, is looking for applicants who have a passion for customer service and helping people, who aren't afraid to work hard, who want to be part of a team and have fun on the job.  During many tasks, staff are interacting with guests while providing meals, lodging, meeting space, and recreation.

Serving dinner

Work days can be long when groups schedule activities from early in the morning until late at night.  Staff might have a break in the middle of the day when they can then hike, take out a boat from our boat dock, relax or do some yoga.

Luna on the boat dock during the fall '10 season

Staff work hard and have fun on the job.   Read a detailed description of our ideal candidate on Coolworks. Mike Nyman worked his first season at Stanford Sierra in the fall of 2008.  He has returned for each conference season since.

Mike Nyman

He says there are a few reasons he continues to return.  First is the location.  Mike has traveled extensively and ranks the shores of Fallen Leaf Lake high on his list of most beautiful places.  Mike finds it easy to get outside and enjoy the amazing natural setting, sailing on the lake, hiking into Desolation Wilderness, playing horseshoes or just reading a book on the dock.  The timing of the spring and fall seasons also works well for Mike and others who want to travel in the winter and summer.  Mike likes to spend his summers in his hometown of Chicago.  Many staff travel with friends made at Stanford Sierra or move into South Lake Tahoe together to work the busy winter or summer.  Each season we have about half returning staff and half new, which I think is a good testament that this is a great place to work!  So if you're a hardworking, friendly, fun-loving, outdoor enthusiast, send us an application!

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Happy Holidays from Stanford Sierra Camp!

by stanfordsierra

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Snow on the ground and local holiday activities help get all of us here in beautiful Lake Tahoe into the holiday spirit.  We're fortunate to be surrounded by forest in need of thinning, so just a few minutes from home, we can traipse out into the woods and cut down our Christmas tree.

My guys, Oscar and Jason with the family Christmas tree

Probably my favorite holiday tradition is compliments of the South Lake Tahoe Fire Department.  The firefighters decorate one engine, then cruise the neighborhoods in the evenings blaring Christmas music and handing out candy canes.  It's so exciting to hear the music and run outside to see the truck coming down the street!

You can't see me, but Oscar and I are there!

For the second year in a row, the Barton Foundation put on the Festival of Trees and Lights, a weekend full of holiday activities. The Polar Express was one piece that was a huge hit with attending families.  After loading on the trains (decorated school buses), the families sang Christmas carols en route to the Red Hut where tumblers tumbled and elves served cocoa to the sound of the "Hot, Hot, we got it!" 'Hot Chocolate' song from the Polar Express motion picture.

Elves with hot chocolate

The next stop was the 'North Pole' (Mont Bleu) with a forest of beautifully decorated Christmas trees as the backdrop for Mrs. Claus's reading of the 'Polar Express', a visit from Santa, then each child received a bell.

Mrs. Claus with a Polar Express conductor

My coworkers and I are fortunate to work on the same schedule as Stanford University and the alumni association, so we will be out of the office after  Friday, December 17 and return on Monday, January 3.  I'm looking forward to spending time with family and enjoying the great outdoors in California.  Happy holidays to you and best wishes for a healthy and happy new year!

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Some Historic Photos of Stanford Sierra Camp

by stanfordsierra

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What we now call the Old Lodge was built in 1932 as the Fallen Leaf Lodge.

The original Fallen Leaf Lodge

The Price family took summer bookings, and beginning in 1953, a portion of the summer was set aside as "camp time" for Stanford alumni.

Ladies enjoying the comfortable Old Lodge

The "camp time" continued until the Stanford Alumni Association coordinated the creation of the Stanford Camp Association in 1959.  Sierra Camp was now officially part of the Stanford family.

Guests enjoying time outdoors on the deck

Some things have changed in the past 50 years, but others have stayed the same.  Guests still relax on the deck, chatting and reading newspapers, but not so many smoke cigarettes these days!  Sierra Camp families still enjoy boating and the sing-a-long at the beach bonfire.

Rowing with storm clouds brewing over Angora Ridge

Bonfire at Baby Beach with s'mores

Over the years, we continue to improve and modernize the Camp buildings and amenities while maintaining the mountain retreat flavor, so our guests can enjoy a comfortable stay and the traditional Camp activities in our beautiful setting on Fallen Leaf Lake.

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Choose a Beach Bonfire or Disco Bingo for Evening Entertainment

by stanfordsierra

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Since we operate as a family camp in the summer, we have a couple fun signature  events which your group might want to try in the spring or fall.  For a relaxed, low key gathering, plan a bonfire at Baby Beach.

Daytime photo of Baby Beach

Our staff will get the fire going and keep the flames roaring.  Plan to head down to the beach after dinner, and maybe order up some s'mores and hot chocolate, or a selection of beers and wine from the fountain.  Breathe in the fresh mountain air, as you sit back and take in the expansive view of the stars.  A beach bonfire wouldn't be complete without campfire songs.  We recommend hiring local musician, Carolyn Dolan, with her warm, soulful voice and high energy harmonica playing she will get your entire group singing along.

Enjoying the warmth of the bonfire

For an upbeat, high energy evening, schedule a game of Disco Bingo.  Give your group advance notice, so they can pack their finest brightly colored, wildly patterned polyester.  After dinner and a glass of wine or beer is the best time to play.  Our energetic, costumed staff will be your bingo caller and disco divas for the evening.  Before calling "bingo" you might Conga line around the room, and show your finest moves to Abba's "Dancing Queen" or The Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men".

Sherry and her helper pulling bingo numbers

If a beach bonfire or Disco Bingo sound like a good fit for your group, check our available dates, then email or call me at 530-542-5600 for more information.  Now that I've got you thinking about disco, maybe it's a good time to rent 'Saturday Night Fever' and brush up on those dance moves!

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Indian Summer at Fallen Leaf Lake

by stanfordsierra

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Guests from all groups in September and the start of October enjoyed warm daytime temperatures in the 70s and 80s.  The first weekend of October, alumni from Stanford's Graduate School of Business (GSB) visited with their families to enjoy Sierra camp and our wonderful outdoors.

The center of Camp

Our staff provided organized activities for kids ages 5-12 and the GSB brought staff to run programs for the large number of toddlers in the group.

Happy kids at Camp

According to his parents, this little guy cried at drop off, then cried again at pick up because he didn't want to leave his train.

I don't want to leave my train!

With so many young guests, it's a good idea to pick your dining partners carefully.  You don't know who's been putting their hand in the water pitcher!

Caught red-handed!

With our pleasant fall weather you can boat, hike or just relax outdoors.   There are plenty of great spots around Camp to just sit back and relax.

The Old Lodge deck

Reading on the ski dock

The Stanford room deck

The boat dock is a favorite with our staff. We are booking group events now for fall 2011.  Take a look at our availability calendar, then call us to plan your visit to our comfortable conference center on beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake.

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