Meal Plan Descriptions with Sample Menus

All meal plans include buffet-style breakfast and lunch. Our pastry chef prepares fresh breads, pastries, and desserts for all three meals each day.  Some favorite dessert selections include:
Fresh fruit and almond brittle napolean with white chocolate sauce
Tiramisu and fresh fruit
Chocolate fudge torte with mocha mousse
Coconut cream cake with raspberry sorbet:

  • Meal Plan A/Gourmet:
    • Dinners feature sit-down table service, linen tablecloths with linen napkins and flowers.  These gourmet dinners start with mouth-watering specialties such as French Onion soup with roasted morel mushrooms and chives and smoked trout with creme fraiche.  Guests choose their entrees tableside from three selections such as pancetta wrapped filet mignon with brandy and thyme glace, grilled Hawaiian sunfish with grilled pineapple and papaya vinaigrette on candied almond polenta and grilled rice spring rolls filled with grilled vegetables and tempeh with sweet red chili vinaigrette and Asian slaw.
  • Meal Plan B:
    • A mid-priced alternative offering a touch of our Gourmet package. Dinners feature sit-down table service with linen napkins and flowers. Guests choose tableside from two entree choices such as roasted rack of New Zealand lamb with garlic, herb and black pepper crust or fettuccini tossed with grilled artichokes, tomatoes and chanterelle mushrooms.
  • Meal Plan C:
    • This package features three delicious meals daily at a cost to fit within government daily travel allowances. Dinners feature buffet-style dining. Dinner entrees in the past have included roasted chicken with garlic and fresh herbs, grilled ribeye with peppered mushroom sauce and vegetable lasagna.

Additionally, you may choose from our extensive hors d’oeuvres menu and wine list to complement your gathering.