This Stanford Sierra meeting room boasts a beautiful wooden table and views into the woods outside.

Meeting Planning Tips

The friendly staff at Stanford Sierra has helped organizations plan and host corporate meetings at our beautiful Lake Tahoe facility for several decades. We have worked with various organizations and groups and pride ourselves on advising our clients so their meetings here are successful and fun. We consider ourselves meeting planning experts and are here to make sure your event at Stanford Sierra goes perfectly. Below are some of our suggestions for a successful meeting.

Make attendees and guests feel honored upon their arrival.

We recommend scheduling a social hour in the Old Lodge as one of your first events. Built in 1932, this cozy room can hold around 50 people, with overflow for larger groups onto the outside deck if weather permits. For inclement weather, the adjacent Cathedral room is perfect for overflow. Choose from board games and other interactive activities to get some friendly competition and team-building going among your group members. We can serve delicious hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. There is even a piano in the room if you have musicians in your group. The Old Lodge is also available for meetings and breakout sessions, but an Old Lodge social is a fun way to get everyone in your group involved and having fun right away.

Make sure to highlight accomplishments and goals in your opening session.

Stanford Sierra’s relaxed and peaceful atmosphere promotes inspiration and a focus on the meeting content. What better place to revisit the previous year’s accomplishments and pinpoint goals for the future, leaving your attendees excited and motivated to share their ideas. Set the stage for the year ahead right away, and you will get the most out of your group event at Stanford Sierra.

Break up long meeting days with fun outdoor activities.

Break up long days with recreation and free time in the lovely Stanford Sierra surroundings to keep your group energized. Allow your meeting attendees to experience the fresh air, beautiful mountain and lake setting and the many activities that we offer. The best options are using our fleet of boats at our boat dock on Fallen Leaf Lake and hiking one of many trails into Desolation Wilderness. Other onsite activities are tennis, volleyball, horseshoes, or simply relaxing on the boat dock or beach. We can also arrange for staff-guided hikes and cruises for more organized outdoor activity.

These are just a few of our tips for planning a successful and fun group event. Need help packing for a visit to Stanford Sierra. Check out our packing guide. Contact us today, and let us help you tailor your next corporate retreat to meet the unique needs of your group.