This Stanford Sierra meeting room boasts a beautiful hard wood table and views of the woods.

Conferences and Retreats

Stanford Sierra is a premier retreat destination. Every year we host academic conferences and corporate retreats for groups throughout the United States. Through our experience hosting retreats, we have learned first-hand the benefits of retreats, what makes for a good retreat, and what makes Stanford Sierra an ideal retreat destination.

The Benefits
Over our years hosting conferences and retreats we have seen the benefits of corporate, academic and even personal retreats. We hear over and over again from people who enjoy events at Stanford Sierra how the change of location allows them to relax, think in new ways and connect with associates. Creating a sense of community throughout the entire event is something that corporate leaders and academics alike have found invaluable.

What makes a good retreat?
Here at Stanford Sierra we often get asked “What makes a good retreat?” We always pass along the same advice: plan for time to work, plan for time to play, and plan for time to connect. Time to work allows the group to utilize the unique retreat environment to attack problems head on.
Time to play allows associates to become closer through recreation and shared activities. Time to connect allows associates to reflect as a group and emerge as a stronger team.

What makes Stanford Sierra a good retreat destination?
If a good retreat needs time for work, fun, and creating community, Stanford Sierra Conference Center provides everything you need. For fun Stanford Sierra offers a multitude of activities such as hiking, sailing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, tennis and much more. In terms of opportunities to connect and share we offer beautiful and intimate group spaces such as the historic Old Lodge, built in 1932 and perfect for evening socializing. With all meals served in the dining room, conversations carry over from meetings to meals and beyond. When it’s time to get down to business Stanford Sierra offers over 5,000 square feet of conference and meeting space allowing for breakout sessions, board room style meetings, and large presentations. If you are looking to hold a conference or retreat, Stanford Sierra is the place for you.