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Stanford Sierra Conference Center forms a tight-knit community in our picturesque mountain environment. We look for good workers, but also good people – reliable, interesting individuals who respect themselves and others and can handle the responsibilities of living and working in a small diverse community. Our staff comes from all walks of life – college students, professionals between jobs, experienced workers in the service industry, travelers, or people taking time off. The most successful staff members are team members who are compatible with the service industry, hard working, enthusiastic, appreciative of our beautiful natural setting, and take pride in a job well done.

Hello potential applicant! Thank you for your interest in Stanford Sierra Conference Center. We have filled all positions for the Spring 2024 season. Check back in July for our Fall application!

Please email Conference Staff Director Jan Schlereth at if you have any questions about our seasonal job opportunities.

Please email Human Resources Director Tegan Ludwig at if you have any questions about our professional or managerial opportunities.

General Overview

Stanford Sierra Camp and Conference Center

A full-service conference center/alumni family camp located near the entrance of Desolation Wilderness at Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Stanford Sierra Camp is owned and operated by Stanford Alumni Association -Sierra Programs, LLC. The property can house up to 300 guests and 75 staff, and offers a full range of recreational activities, meeting facilities, and food services.

Working at SSCC

commercial kitchenWork at SSCC is not just another job. We have a unique culture that blends work, nature, and community living all in the same environment. You will come to find that your daily shifts are just a small part to your experience as a whole working and living here at Stanford Sierra Conference Center. The majority of seasonal staff at SSCC are either kitchen staff or all purpose (AP) staff.

All Purpose Staff

Your typical AP day at Stanford Sierra Conference Center is far from typical. Throughout the day you will generally have a variety of shifts based on the needs of the current conference. At 9:00 am you could be making the rounds on house keeping, 11:30am might have you serving up a delicious lunch and then at 4:00pm you might be helping serve up refreshments in the Old Lodge during a social hour. Each day’s schedule is unique. A.P. staffers keep the place running by doing shifts that include housekeeping, meal service, the wonderful world of Hobart, watching over the boat dock, campfires, social hours, wine service, special projects, and many more shifts.

Housekeeping is a big part of our conference season. We provide daily room cleaning while the conference participants are in their meetings and when they leave, we have to prepare the rooms for the next occupants. Everybody will have the opportunity to be part of our housekeeping crew at some point. Housekeeping is a necessity and it can be a great time to get to know your other staff members.

Stanford Sierra Conference Center prides itself on our food. Serving in the dining room is a great way to interact with our guests.  Depending on the table setting in the dining hallconference, dining room service can be buffet style or plated.

While serving in the dining room, dress standards are an important part of the dining experience, i.e. a collared shirt and nice pair of hemmed pants, shorts, or skirt. Closed-toed shoes are mandatory in the dining room and kitchen. During fancier conferences, there are times when more formal dress is required; on these occasions you will be informed by our Dining Room Manager as to the appropriate dress. Often times more formal dress is Black and White: a white button down shirt (ironed), black slacks, and appropriate footwear, so come prepared.

And then there’s Hobart! Hobart is doing the dishes, though it can be a lot more than that because the staffers assigned to a Hobart shift have fun with it. They dress in crazy outfits, they pick the music and they work as a team to bust out some dishes.  Hobart is tough but quickly becomes many staffers’ favorite shift.

man cooking over a stove

Kitchen Staff

A day in the kitchen is more typical as far as your schedule but changes greatly depending on the conference.  One day you could be grilling hamburgers for a group of 50 and the next day you could be preparing duck breast for a group of 160.  We have an extremely talented group of sous chefs for you to learn from.  We serve gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan meals consisting of only the freshest ingredients.  Kitchen staff keep camp running by fueling staff and guests alike with delicious and healthy food.

Staff Housing

Staff are housed in rustic cabins, many of which were among the first guest cabins for Fallen Leaf Lodge. Although foundations for some of the cabins were first laid in 1907, they have gone through many remodels, upgrades and rebuilds over the past 100+ years. Rustic Row, located right through the middle of the property, houses a majority of the employees while providing an excellent view of the lake. You will most likely be sharing your cabin with either 1 or 2 other staff as roommates (depending on the size of the cabin). Some of the cabins have a shared bathroom and for others, there is a short walk to the facilities. Laundry facilities are located in the Main Lodge and are free for our staff. Housing, like food, is free for staff with a very small and fully refundable deposit!

View of the lake from Rustic Row.


The food is delicious, healthy, plentiful, and FREE!!  Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available.  You eat what the guests do—even if that’s elk steak, seared scallops, or fresh pastries baked in-house.  All meals are provided for you. Staff have access to the staff fridge for leftovers day and night.  You can get a better idea of our food selection and sample menus here.

Things to Do


We have a diverse range of activities for our staff to enjoy.  From mild to wild, there’s always something to do.  Take out a sailboat, standup paddle board, or a kayak and enjoy the lake for a while.  You can play basketball, volleyball, or tennis on the courts.  Maybe you’ll want to grab a book, play some music, hang with fellow staffers, find somewhere quiet to sketch the lake, or write a letter while curling up in the sun on the boat dock.  Maybe you’re feeling feisty and want to take a run up Angora Ridge. The possibilities are endless. We also have lots of sporting and outdoor equipment to loan out to staff!

Your two days off are the perfect opportunity for extended adventures. Many staffers take time to explore the beautiful peaks, lakes, and trails of Desolation Wilderness (the 64,000 acre national wilderness area that’s basically our backyard). Groups of staffers have taken overnight trips to visit friends in the Bay Area, trips to hot springs, and visits to the staff favorite Yosemite National Park!

Staff Lounge

Employees have internet access, a phone and comfortable couches to relax. Staff use the dry erase board to organize weekend excursions as well as to stay up to date on events throughout camp. This is a staff only environment available 24 hours a day.  The ‘Slounge’, as it’s affectionately known, also has printers and an extensive collection of books. This is where you will receive mail and packages that were sent to you.